What’s The Deal With “Casual” Relationships?

Relationships… It’s a confusing topic. Especially nowadays, with Millenials and the upper ages of Gen Z. Why? Well, young people aren’t urgently looking for serious relationships anymore. 

The dating scene has changed from what it once was. Back in the day, men and women fought for each other because finding a partner 50+ years ago was challenging, as social media or Smash didn’t exist. 

And now, dating options for everyone are endless, and it’s possible to connect with people worldwide. You don’t need to find a “traditional” relationship quickly; you can explore other options, like something casual. 

Wait, casual? Yes, dating doesn’t need to be serious. It can just be fun, and that’s it. No commitments, seriousness, or heartbreaks, just fun. 

Sounds interesting, right? It’s a relationship style that many younger people are seeking nowadays. But what does something casual mean?

What is a “Casual” relationship? 

A casual relationship is exactly what it sounds like. It’s laid-back! It’s simply a couple that isn’t as serious as a monogamous relationship. 

Casual relationships are whatever you make them! But usually consist of one of the following: 

  • Fling – No-strings-attached relationship centered on sexual friends and enjoyment
  • Friends with benefits (FWB) – Combines two people’s friendships with an element of sexual closeness.
  • A booty call – One person contacts the other for casual sex with no other emotional connection.
  • Open relationship – Consists of a primary romantic or sexual partnership, but both partners are free to explore other relationships.

Why do people have casual relationships?

It’s clear to see the difference between casual and serious relationships. And, for some, it’s easy to choose between them. 

Typically speaking, people want something casual because:

  • It allows for sexual pleasure without a strong relationship commitment. 
  • It lets people explore their sexual or romantic interests without any long-term dedication. 
  • It’s free of the limitations of traditional relationships, allowing you to seek other romantic or sexual experiences without any concerns.

As you can see, somebody who enjoys casual relationships wants more freedom. They don’t want to commit long-term or emotionally because they might not like it getting in the way of their careers, goals, or life. 

How can you find a casual relationship on a dating app? 

Casual dating is becoming more popular yearly, with around 15% of Americans actively seeking one. And luckily, it’s becoming easier and easier to find casual relationships due to dating apps. 

When you use a dating application, increase your chances of finding a relationship of this style by: 

  • Being honest and clear with your intentions from the get-go.
  • Respecting other people’s feelings and dating desires.
  • Using a dating app’s filter features and target those looking for this type of relationship. 

There isn’t a “quick” way to find someone else looking for a casual relationship. It’s all about searching, being transparent, finding someone you like, and reaching a casual relationship agreement. But if you want it bad enough, you’ll certainly get it! 

Find your friends with benefits!

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