6 Tips to Take a Great Selfie on Smash 

Ever taken a selfie and thought, “Do I really look like that?”. Don’t worry; you’re not alone. 

Selfies are difficult—unless you’re an A-list celebrity spending thousands on makeup and digital designers. But for the everyday “Normal” person, it’s usually a cringy thought and something we want to avoid. 

Are you that “Normal” person? Great, Smash can help! Smash takes selfies and dating to another level. Instead of uploading your best photo (we’re all guilty of this), it requests a new selfie every few hours. 

“But, Smash, why would you do this?”. We wanted to reduce the number of catfishers on dating apps (which is a whopping 40% of users) and provide you with a more realistic experience. 

However, that does leave us with one issue. You need to know how to take a great selfie. 

How to take the perfect selfie 

1. Camera quality

What’s the number 1 way to ruin a beautiful selfie? Well, poor camera quality. Trust us, ladies and gentlemen, it isn’t appealing.

Luckily, most of us have a good-quality camera. Experts suggest a somewhat “Decent” camera is around 6 megapixels, and, conveniently, our trusty little iPhones X’s (and newer generations) have higher megapixels.

But wait. That isn’t all. You can generally make your photos appear higher quality by:

  • Using a light source behind the camera that points toward your face. 
  • Avoiding flash, as this can make your skin look shiny and greasy. 
  • Balancing your camera on something stable or invest in a tripod, as this can help with focusing (more about this below)

Great. You know one of the six tips on how to take a great selfie, meaning you’re now 16.66% more likely to get a match! 

2. Focus

A camera’s focus helps bring attention to an area in a photo. And what’s the most critical element of a selfie? You! 

Luckily, focusing on an image is somewhat simple. Why? Well, 85% of Americans have a smartphone, which generally come with two photo-focusing features: 

  • Auto-focus – The smartphone will automatically focus on the larger object in the frame. 
  • Manual-focus – You will need to tap on your screen before taking a photo to get the camera to focus on that particular area. 

It doesn’t matter which is supported by your smartphone; make sure the camera is focused on you. If it’s focused on another object in the frame, it’ll make you appear a blurry mess—not ideal for a dating app. 

3.   Physical appearance 

Have a good personality? Great. But right now, that doesn’t help. Users of Smash will only see an image of you and nothing else. Therefore, physical appearance matters the most. 

When you get noticed about updating your selfie, prepare yourself. Don’t sit on the couch and take a selfie. Instead, freshen up. Even if this is a quick 5 to 10 minutes makeover, it’s better than nothing. 

4.   Background 

A good background can make your selfies on dating apps 10x better. For example, it could be a plain white background with good lighting or somewhere more “Fun,” like a beach. 

Wherever you might be, make sure you:

  • Have good lighting – Whether you’re indoors or outside, prioritize lighting. If you’re indoors, use natural lighting, and outdoors, try to take selfies in shaded areas.
  • Take a photo at the right time – The best time to take a selfie is outside, an hour after sunrise or an hour before sunset. 
  • Move to the side – If you want the background to stand out, move a couple of frames to the left or right. 
  • Getting the angle right – The best selfie angle for a woman is slightly above their head. For men, this is below your head. 

Want the match of your dreams? Make sure you use these tips the next time you need to take a great selfie on Smash. 

5.   Additional extras 

Selfies can always be more than just your face. Think outside the box and potentially use some additional extras. 

These can vary based on your interests, hobbies, or personality. However, it’s been proven that images with additional extras, like dogs, have a 60% higher rate of getting a match! That’s a lot! 

Don’t have a dog? No problem, this could also be a guitar, a flower, or even a cat (Yes, a cat…).

6. Be yourself

Nowadays, online is all about being someone else. But be yourself! Perhaps you like tacos, dancing, or even windsurfing; show it! Doing this will allow viewers of your selfie to better understand who you’re as a person. 

Great, you now know the 6 tips on how to take the perfect selfie. With this knowledge, you should be able to get 100% more matches on Smash.

What to avoid when taking a selfie on Smash 

Now you know these tips, taking selfies is a breeze. However, there are still common mistakes we see tonnes of people making. Don’t be like this, and avoid the below at all costs: 

  • Nudity – Smash has a no-nudity policy, so cover yourself up! 
  • Strange angles – When taking a selfie, think “Kim K’s” angles, ensuring the camera isn’t too high or low. 
  • Too much face – Your face is great, but don’t show too much! 
  • Ignoring your audience – Use selfies to attract the person you want. Like footballers? Then don’t post on a basketball court! 

Selfies on dating apps must avoid the above. Doing this will make you appear much more attractive to the potential matches. 

Are you ready for a date? 

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