Smash or Pass: The Game Everybody Has Played!

Let’s go back a few years… Who remembers “like for looks” on social media or “Ping for rating” on Blackberry phones, or even “Spin the Bottle”? We can remember this like it was yesterday and what a time it was. 

Playing these games allows you to “rate” the looks of people participating. It was the perfect opportunity to flirt or give someone a hint that you’re interested in them while having some fun.

We all played or participated in these games back in the day. However, it only became popular when smartphones started getting released. 

If we go back even further, there was another game called Smash or Pass; an absolute classic! 

Smash or Pass meaning 

The meaning behind Smash or Pass is what you think. In this game, players are shown images or ask their friends about a particular person and will be asked whether they would “smash” (meaning, whether they would be interested in pursuing a romantic or sexual relationship with the person) or “pass” (meaning, they would not be interested). 

What makes Smash or Pass interesting is how it can be played and how it evolved over the last few decades. In the earlier days, the game would be played amongst friends. 

A group of men or women would ask their friends, would you Smash or Pass this person (this person could be a friend, stranger, celebrity, etc.)? For example – “look at him/her; would you Smash or Pass?” A person or group of people would then give their opinions. Of course, this is usually about visual appearance rather than personality, interest, etc. 

However, nowadays, it isn’t played like this. It’s 2023 people; we have digital devices and unlimited fast internet almost worldwide. Now, it’s played on a digital format, giving us unlimited Smash or Pass enjoyment. 

The Smash or Pass game has changed over the years… 

Moving forward a few years and onto the digital world, the Smash or Pass game has changed massively. It doesn’t get played a lot in real life; now, it’s played online. 

The funny thing, you might not even know you’re playing it. Nowadays, it’s played on dating apps like Smash, and you don’t even realize it. An application of this type will show you a picture of a man or woman; you’ll then swipe to like or dislike the individual. 

Does that sound familiar? It sure does! It’s the same concept as Smash or Pass, just played differently. 

Should you Smash or Pass?

Smash or Pass will always remain a classic. It was an excellent game to play on road trips, at sleepovers, or even in-person at a bar. 

However, the concept has now moved online. And, truthfully, there’s no issue with that. Smash or Pass is perfect for dating, as it can indicate to someone whether they’re physically or romantically attracted to an individual from the get-go. 

Maybe you knew about this game before, maybe not. Either way, re-introduce it and start bringing it back into the real world!